Today our Year 4 children are at the Leadership Centre in Spennymoor for our annual Diversity conference with Tanfield Lea Primary School. We were very lucky to have Deputy Mitchell introduce our conference via webcam, and then we have been taking part in a variety of activities to promote diversity and the fact that everyone is different.

Children have enjoyed meeting up with friends from Tanfield Lea and working together to find out about each other.

So Year 4 a few questions for you...

What have you found out about diversity today?

What have you enjoyed doing at the conference?

Have you made any new friends today or learnt more about people you already know?

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to raise money for Barnardos. The children have enjoyed decorating their eggs. We have raised over £700 which is great!

This Christmas all the best and grisliest tales will be told as if our lives depend on it.

Looking forward to it? I'm sure it will be great!


Tallest Tales from the Furthest Forest - KS1

An adventure deep into a magical forest, far from everywhere, where stories come from. There are stories everywhere. Dangling from the trees, whispered by the leaves, giggled at by the grass. Stories about why things are the way they are, stories about what happens when you’re nice (and naughty) and why you should never, ever trust a witch!

Looking forward to our visit to Newcastle? I am sure we will have a magical time at the theatre!


It's the first Friday in the month again so get ready for non-uniform!

This month donations need to be something for the Christmas tombola please - so wear something Christmassy and bring along a prize.


Here is my first Head Teacher's Challenge - post your answers on the blog please.

They should be informative,descriptive and/or amusing and hopefully you will practise your writing skills.

There will be a prize for my favourite - so watch out for the name of the winner here too!

Get writing!

How would you describe an elephant to someone who has never seen one?


Looking forward to KS2 film night tonight - popcorn is free! Have you got your ticket?


If all goes well we will be a blogging school in about 30 minutes - watch this space!


On Friday 15th November we all came dressed in yellow or spotty clothes to raise money for Children in Need. Some brave children even had crazy hairstyles! We managed to raise over £200 for Children in Need - well done everyone!!


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